Ebac K100P Industrial Dehumidifiers

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Ebac K100P Dehumidifier with Built-in Pump

For areas up to 3,000 square feet. Removes up to 97 pints of moisture per day.

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Built to meet the demands of harsh industrial conditions, the powerful Ebac K100P Dehumidifier removes up to 93 pints of water per day in areas up to 3000 sq. ft. It is equipped with an internal condensate pump for continuous drainage and features a durable steel chassis, sturdy carrying handles and an efficient adjustable humidistat. The convenient system lamps allow you to quickly check the operating status. Ebac’s 'Hot Gas' defrost system eliminates the build-up of frost, which ensures you continuous, effective dehumidification in temperatures down to 33°F.

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  • Has a need for commercial or heavy duty dehumidification for up to 3000 sq. ft. in either moderately damp to extremely wet areas and harsh conditions.
  • Wants a unit with a built in condensate pump so there is never a need to empty a bucket.
  • Needs to remove up to 97 pints of water per day for high humidity areas such as warehouses, storage rooms, electrical and communications switching stations, locker rooms, basements, pumping stations, offshore oil rigs, and active marine vessels.
  • Prefers an adjustable humidistat to control humidity level in a room.
  • Wants to prevent water damage to building foundation and insulation, and prevent dripping condensation from pipes.

  • Designed to eliminate high humidity problems in harsh environments
  • Integral high capacity water pump with 20’ vertical lift
  • "Reverse Cycle" defrosting system for low temp operation down to 33°F
  • Adjustable humidistat to control level of dryness desired
  • "Floating" compressor for vibration and mobility protection
  • System lamps to tell operating status of the unit
  • Rugged, detachable mounted skin
  • Epoxy-coated, steel chassis
  • Washable air filter
  • Simple operation
The effective solution for excessive humidity is a refrigeration-type dehumidifier such as the Ebac K100P dehumidifier. Warm moist air is drawn by a fan across a cold coil, which causes the water vapor to condense onto the coil and drop into a container or tray. The cold air is then passed over a heat exchanger where it is warmed before being passed back into the surrounding area. Continuous circulation of air throughout the dehumidifier gradually reduces the humidity within the area.
1. Room Coverage Based on 24 Hour Moisture Removal
2. Noise Level
3. Low Temperature Operation
4. Quality of the Continuous Drainage Option Included (Ease of hose attachment, location above the ground to improve the flow of water w/ gravity and provides the hose)
5. Bucket Capacity Not Applicable
6. Size, Weight and Maneuverability
7. Ease of Access to Bucket & to Remove and Replace Not Applicable
8. Energy Rating
9. Ability to Access Filter & to Remove, Clean and Re-install
10. Quality of Construction & Warranty
11. Value for the Price

The Ebac K100P is designed to eliminate high humidity problems in harsh environments and it does just that. This machine covers up to 3000 square feet, even in most damp and cool conditions. This dehumidifier is ideal for commercial applications or in serious, residential situations.


  • Removes up to 12.12 gallons of moisture in normal conditions (20 gallons in extreme conditions) in spaced up to 3000 square feet.
  • Operates at temperatures as low as 33 degrees.
  • Built in condensate pump for continuous drainage.
  • System lamps indicate operating status.
  • Washable air filter is easily removed for cleaning.
  • Heavy duty construction is backed by a 1 year warranty with 3 years on the compressor, evaporator and condenser.


  • Heavy at 138lbs. However easy carry handle aid in easy transport.
  • 3/8' drainage hose not included.


The Ebac K100P is a durable, versatile dehumidifier proving to be a reliable choice for anyone with extreme moisture conditions in both residential and commercial settings. Covering areas up to 3000 square feet at temperatures as low as 33 degrees, there isn't much this machine can't handle. A built in condensate pump, 'hot gas' auto defrost and adjustable humidistat make the K100P easy to use and maintain. If you need relief from harsh moisture conditions, the Ebac K100P is a dependable, consistent dehumidifier that will not disappoint.

Ebac K100P Dehumidifier with Built-in Pump


Ebac K100P Dehumidifier with Built-in Pump

Technical Specifications of Ebac K100P Dehumidifier with Built-in Pump

  Ebac K100P Dehumidifier with Built-in Pump
Coverage Area
Coverage Area Up to 3000 sq ft
Water Removal Capacity
Water Removal Capacity Up to 97 pints per day set @ 80°, 60% RH, 20 gallons at saturation
Operating Temperature Range
Operating Temperature Range 33°F - 105°F
CFM 700 cfm
Noise Level
Noise Level 60 dba
Refrigerant Type
Refrigerant Type R407c
Power Supply
Power Supply 1090 watts, 16 amps, 115V
Dimensions 17' H x 28' W x 18' D
Weight (lbs)
Weight (lbs) 138 lbs
Warranty 1 yr electrical. 3 yrs compressor, condenser, evaporator

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