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Steam Cleaners

Vapor steam cleaners clean, sanitize, kill pests and even disinfect surfaces without the use of harsh, potentially dangerous chemical sprays. These revolutionary cleaning tools use ordinary tap water to create steam that is hot enough to clean virtually any surface including glass, tile, vinyl, sealed hardwood floors, grout and stove tops. It will clean old high-traffic and stained carpeting and many upholstery fabrics can be restored with high temperature steam. Steam cleaners also commonly used to neutralize dust mites, bed bugs and common allergens that affect your health. Steam penetrates the pores of the surface you are cleaning, lifting and removing dirt and grime that is otherwise invisible to the eye. Over the years, we have learned to appreciate the benefits of regular steam cleaning as we have found that cleaning with steam will even improve your home’s air quality to further safeguard your family’s health. You will be simply amazed at how easy, fast and effective cleaning with steam really is.

For a first time buyer, you might consider the US Steam White Tail US600 Steam Cleaner.

For larger homes, we recommend Ladybug 2350 steam cleaner.

For business or commercial environments, you might consider the Reliable PRO EP1000 steam cleaner.